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At BUTTONNOSES we are passionately committed to saving the lives of senior and special needs tiny dogs who are at risk of losing their homes or their lives.

The BUTTONNOSES Foundation was created in partnership with the PetVibe App in order to provide our supporters an easy way to raise supplementary funds for our cause. By participating in this free program, your regular day-to-day purchases can tremendously help our dogs in urgent need of homes and medical assistance.


Save Time

The BUTTONNOSES Foundation saves time by providing instant, searchable access to thousands of deals in an easy-to-use service. A browser extension is also available!


Save Money

The BUTTONNOSES Foundation saves money through savings on almost everything you buy across thousands of retailers like Home Depot, Macy’s, Sephora & Best Buy.


Make a Difference

With the BUTTONNOSES Foundation, up to 25% of the value of your day-to-day purchases at participating businesses will be donated to help our pups in need!


About Us

Human greed, irresponsible breeding and lack of resources or education in responsible pet ownership are only a few of the innumerable factors that have contributed to shelters bursting at the seams with unwanted, abandoned, abused, neglected and stray dogs scheduled for euthanasia every day.

BUTTONNOSES SAVE A LIFE PROGRAM provides funding for medical procedures and other expenses for the tiny homeless furry angels in our foster / palliative care program. Please visit for more information.



It's completely free to sign up plus you get awesome perks such as access to thousands of discount codes for participating retailers in US & Canada such as Petco, Home Depot, Best Buy, Sephora & many more!

BUTTONNOSES Foundation Perks


✓ Access to the online marketplace and/or the free browser extension
✓ Thousands of stores, millions of products
✓ Over 100,000 discount codes for US retailers
✓ Thousands of discount codes for Canadian retailers
✓ Up to 25% of the value of your day-to-day purchases will go to support our cause!

All completely free!


1. Download the PetVibe App

To get started, download the free PetVibe App from the App Store or Google Play. To learn more about PetVibe, click here


2. Use Referral Code

Please be sure to include the referral code “BUTTONNOSES Save a Life” upon creating your free account on PetVibe. That’s how they will ensure that your support reaches us!


3. Thank You!

Thank you for your support! You can now enjoy a community of pet lovers and hundreds of discount codes while knowing that your participation contributes to our cause.

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PetVibe is much more than a social networking app. PetVibe is a community where pet lovers can find, review and connect with pet businesses; share special moments; create meaningful connections within their community; support compassionate organizations; and find help and support throughout their pet ownership journey.

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